Start - Gateway information

Knowing IP address

Using any IP scanner to search your network subnet and locate the gateway IP address. The gateway hostname is configured to following: iqube.

IP scanner

Boot and power-off

The gateway boot process takes about 30s and it takes additonal 10s before Gateway led described in below chapter Led operation is stabilized.
It is recommended to power-off the gateway using Gateway button described in below chapter Button and then unplug the power supply. It takes about 30s to shutdown the device completely. This ensures correct power-off of the device.

Led operation


There are 2 two-colour leds available on the gateway. IQRF led and Gateway led. Gateway led follows these rules:

  • Green led slow flashing means that IQRF Gateway daemon is running in operational/forwarding mode.
  • Green led fast flashing means that IQRF Gateway daemon is running in service mode.
  • Red led slow flashing means that IQRF Gateway daemon service is not running.
  • Red led fast flashing means that IQRF Gateway daemon interface is not correctly configured.


Short 1-10s button press poweroff the gateway gracefully.
  • Push and release the button. An action is indicated by Gateway led, 3x yellow flashing. Wait 30s for complete shutdown.
Long 10+s button press restores default IQRF Gateway daemon’s and IP configuration and restarts the daemons.
  • Hold the button until an action is indicated by Gateway led, 3x yelow flashing.
Tip: Use the button to poweroff the gateway gracefully in order to preserve the SD card.


Web server is running on default port 80 by default. Create your username and password when login for the first time or after restoring default setting using Gateway button.

Webapp add user Webapp login


Information about installed software, resources and TR module is well displayed on the page.

Webapp info page

Download diagnostics button saves all necessary logs for the detailed analysis.

Webapp download diagnostics


IQRF Gateway daemon log is displayed and can be downloaded on the page.

Webapp log page


IQRF Gateway daemon can be switched to different modes.

  • Operational: IQRF JSON API via MQ/MQTT/WS channels are enabled
  • Service: IQRF via UDP channel is enabled, ready to connect IQRF IDE software to the gateway
  • Forwarding: IQRF JSON API via MQ/MQTT/WS channels are enabled with forwarding via UDP as well
Webapp mode page

IQRF IDE connection.

  • Switch the gateway to the service mode
Webapp service mode
  • Configure IDE UDP channel, select IQRF gateway
IDE UDP manager IDE UDP connected

IQRF service

IQRF Gateway daemon service can be controled via Service control page.

Webapp IQRF service

SSH service

SSH service can be controled via SSH service page.

Webapp SSH service


Linux packages can be installed automatically by the system itself. This also updates any new packages related to IQRF Gateway SW such as iqrf-gateway-{daemon, webapp, controller} in stable version.

Webapp auto upgrades

Power control

The gateway can be restarted or powered off gracefully via Power control page.

Webapp power control