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First steps

Basic orientation/steps for the user. Steps very much depend on your application's use-case.

IP address

  • Get to know DHCP IP address of the GW
  • Or if you share IP subnet with the GW ping hostname industrial
ping -4 industrial

Gateway WebUI

  • HTTP server is running port 80
  • If you share IP subnet with the GW point browser to hostname http://industrial
  • Create your own user during first login

MQTT setting

  • Set your own MQTT broker and its credentials
  • MQTT config page

Scheduler setting

Configuration backup

SSH login

  • Disabled by default, enable via SSH config page
  • Change the default credentials via SSH config page
  • Default login: Armbian image - root/1234, Yocto image - admin/admin

IQRF IDE connection

  • Follow this guide
  • And select Mode: IQRF gateway for Industrial GW device