Known issues

IQRF GW webapp before version 2.0.1 is vulnerable to an code injection attack by passing specially formed parameters to URL that is leading to RCE (CVE-2020-15227 (,


  • Updating news, roadmap and daemon install guide
  • New stable versions of IQRF GW Dv2.3.7 and Wv2.3.2 available

—Rostislav Spinar <> Mon, 19 Jul 2021 16:15:00 +0100

  • Adding Webapp CLI description
  • Updating news and roadmap

—Rostislav Spinar <> Mon, 16 Nov 2020 19:10:00 +0100

  • Updating news and roadmap

—Rostislav Spinar <> Mon, 02 Nov 2020 12:00:00 +0100

  • Adding Webapp API page
  • Overall documentation update

—Rostislav Spinar <> Thu, 07 Oct 2020 12:00:00 +0200

  • Adding Mender OTA update
  • Updating news

—Rostislav Spinar <> Tue, 23 Jun 2020 12:00:00 +0200

Latest daemon

iqrf-gateway-daemon (2.3.7) stable; urgency=medium

—Karel Hanák <> Fri, 16 Jul 2021 08:26:54 +0100

Latest webapp

iqrf-gateway-webapp (2.3.2) stable; urgency=medium

—Karel Hanák <> Sat, 17 Jul 2021 08:27:46 +0100

Former daemon versions

iqrf-gateway-daemon (2.3.6) stable; urgency=medium

—Roman Ondráček <> Thu, 08 Jul 2021 16:35:00 +0100

iqrf-gateway-daemon (2.3.5) stable; urgency=medium

—Karel Hanák <> Fri, 08 Jan 2021 09:48:46 +0100

iqrf-gateway-daemon (2.3.4) stable; urgency=medium

—Karel Hanák <> Thu, 17 Dec 2020 16:17:02 +0100

iqrf-gateway-daemon (2.3.3) stable; urgency=medium

—Karel Hanák <> Mon, 23 Nov 2020 18:12:00 +0100

iqrf-gateway-daemon (2.3.2) stable; urgency=medium

—Karel Hanak <> Mon, 02 Nov 2020 13:30:00 +0100

iqrf-gateway-daemon (2.3.1) stable; urgency=medium

—Roman Ondracek <> Thu, 29 Oct 2020 12:15:00 +0100

iqrf-gateway-daemon (2.3.0) stable; urgency=medium

—Rostislav Spinar <> Sun, 25 Oct 2020 23:15:00 +0100

iqrf-gateway-daemon (2.2.2) stable; urgency=medium

  • Configuration change
  • Added parameter for websocket to accept connection from localhost only
  • Fixed
  • Selection of updated IQRF OS in JS drivers

—Rostislav Spinar <> Mon, 20 Jul 2020 12:00:00 +0200

iqrf-gateway-daemon (2.2.1) stable; urgency=medium

  • Fixed:
  • Websocket messaging parameter acceptOnlyLocalhost
  • Custom hwpId for coordinator commands
  • Selection of updated IQRF OS in JS drivers

—Rostislav Spinar <> Wed, 15 Jul 2020 12:30:00 +0200

iqrf-gateway-daemon (2.2.0) stable; urgency=medium

  • Info:
  • Release version 2.2.0

—Rostislav Spinar <> Sun, 21 Jun 2020 20:00:00 +0200

iqrf-gateway-daemon (2.2.0-rc6) testing; urgency=medium

  • Changed:
  • Periodic downloads from IQRF repository disabled
  • Fixed:
  • iqrfEmbedOs_WriteCfg
  • iqrfEmbedCoordinator_SetMID

—Rostislav Spinar <> Tue, 26 May 2020 13:30:00 +0200

iqrf-gateway-daemon (2.2.0-rc5) testing; urgency=medium

  • Improved:
  • WriteTrConf service
  • DPA 4.13 support
  • Fixed:
  • GetMidMetaData metadata API

—Rostislav Spinar <> Thu, 3 May 2020 18:00:00 +0200

iqrf-gateway-daemon (2.2.0-rc4) testing; urgency=medium

  • Improved:
  • IQRF SPI status handling
  • DPAVer formating in IQMESH services
  • Enhanced JsCache tracing

—Rostislav Spinar <> Thu, 6 Feb 2020 14:30:00 +0100

iqrf-gateway-daemon (2.2.0-rc3) testing; urgency=medium

  • Fixed:
  • Period setting in mngScheduler_AddTask API

—Rostislav Spinar <> Fri, 20 Dec 2019 15:00:00 +0100

iqrf-gateway-daemon (2.2.0-rc2) testing; urgency=medium

  • Fixed:
  • LP timing for STD+LP networks

—Rostislav Spinar <> Mon, 16 Dec 2019 14:30:00 +0100

iqrf-gateway-daemon (2.2.0-rc) testing; urgency=medium

[ Frantisek Mikulu ] [ Roman Ondracek ] [ Vasek Hanak ] [ Rostislav Spinar ]

  • Added:
  • DPA 4.1x support
  • Timestamps in ISO8601 Date (Extend) format
  • IQRF Dali standard support
  • Sensor and Dali FRC extended format
  • IQMESH AutoNetwork core functionality
  • Daemon state monitoring service
  • Native TR upload for KON-RASP-02 compatible boards
  • Build for RPI1 and RPI zero boards
  • Improved:
  • IQMESH WriteTrConf to enable broadcast
  • IQMESH SmartConnect service
  • Fixed:
  • Missing TestRfSignal API
  • Minor repairs

—Rostislav Spinar <> Fri, 6 Dec 2019 13:30:00 +0100

iqrf-gateway-daemon (2.1.7) RELEASED; urgency=medium

  • API: fix IQRF Sensor FRC schema
  • GitLab CI: change in configuration deploy folder

—Rostislav Spinar <> Fri, 30 Aug 2019 07:00:00 +0200

iqrf-gateway-daemon (2.1.6) RELEASED; urgency=medium

  • GitLab CI: fix daemon version, fix debug package
  • GitLab CI: fix dependencies of the package for Debian Buster i386

—Roman Ondracek <> Fri, 19 Jul 2019 20:11:34 +0200

iqrf-gateway-daemon (2.1.5) RELEASED; urgency=medium

[ Roman Ondracek ]

  • IQRF Repository: rewrite updater to Python3, update cache
  • GitLab CI: update package creation
  • Debian packaging: update name of paho.mqtt.c package
  • GitLab CI: fix build of temporary debug packages
  • GitLab CI: fix build of package for Debian Buster
  • GitLab CI: do not clean DAEMON_VERSION variable from the environment for Debian packaging

—Roman Ondracek <> Thu, 18 Jul 2019 23:51:47 +0200

iqrf-gateway-daemon (2.1.4) RELEASED; urgency=medium

  • Improved: Auto update of IQRF repository cache during package build
  • Updated: Sensor’s FRC API doc
  • Fixed: IQRF BO’s schemas

—Rostislav Spinar <> Thu, 6 Jun 2019 5:00:00 +0000

iqrf-gateway-daemon (2.1.3) RELEASED; urgency=medium

  • Fixed Scheduler’s schemas
  • Fixed Sensor’s FRC service
  • Updated Sensor’s schemas
  • Updated IQRF repository cache

—Rostislav Spinar <> Thu, 30 May 2019 14:00:00 +0000

iqrf-gateway-daemon (2.1.2) RELEASED; urgency=medium

  • Removing Autonetwork service from API and CFG

—Rostislav Spinar <> Sun, 12 May 2019 21:00:00 +0000

iqrf-gateway-daemon (2.1.1) RELEASED; urgency=medium

[ Frantisek Mikulu ] [ Roman Ondracek ] [ Rostislav Spinar ]

  • IQRF UART receive handling improved
  • IQRF repository cache updated

—Rostislav Spinar <> Wed, 8 May 2019 23:30:00 +0000

iqrf-gateway-daemon (2.1.0) RELEASED; urgency=medium

[ Frantisek Mikulu ] [ Michal Konopa ] [ Vasek Hanak ] [ Dusan Machut ] [ Roman Ondracek ] [ Rostislav Spinar ]

  • DPAv40x support
  • Metadata API introduced
  • IQMESH service for RemoveBond
  • Scheduler API enhanced and persistent
  • Deb packages for Armel arch
  • Docker support
  • Source code released
  • Many fixes and improvements

—Rostislav Spinar <> Fri, 3 May 2019 13:30:00 +0000

iqrf-gateway-daemon (2.0.0) RELEASED; urgency=medium

[ Frantisek Mikulu ] [ Michal Konopa ] [ Roman Ondracek ] [ Rostislav Spinar ]

  • Requesting initial async packet from the coordinator if not received during boot
  • Monitoring initial async packet from the coordinator during runtime and setting RF mode
  • WriteTrConf service improved
  • BondNodeLocal and SmartConnect services improved
  • Setting hwpId for IQRF Sensor FRC fixed

—Rostislav Spinar <> Thu, 22 Nov 2018 12:00:00 +0000

iqrf-gateway-daemon (2.0.0-rc) testing; urgency=medium

[ Frantisek Mikulu ] [ Michal Konopa ] [ Vasek Hanak ] [ Dusan Machut ] [ Vlastimil Kosar ] [ Roman Ondracek ] [ Jaromir Mastik ] [ Michal Valny ] [ Rostislav Spinar ]

  • IQRF JSON API v2, v1
  • IQRF Standard
  • IQRF Repository - offline/online
  • IQMESH Network services
  • MQ, MQTT, Websocket messaging
  • SPI, UART, CDC interfaces
  • DPA timing - unicast, broadcast, FRC
  • DPA 3.03, 3.02

—Rostislav Spinar <> Tue, 31 Oct 2018 11:20:00 +0000

Former webapp versions

iqrf-gateway-webapp (2.3.1) stable; urgency=medium

—Karel Hanák <> Fri, 16 Jul 2021 13:15:50 +0100

iqrf-gateway-webapp (2.3.0) stable; urgency=medium

—Roman Ondráček <> Thu, 08 Jul 2021 16:25:00 +0100

iqrf-gateway-webapp (2.2.9) stable; urgency=medium

—Karel Hanák <> Mon, 08 Mar 2021 10:53:46 +0100

iqrf-gateway-webapp (2.2.8) stable; urgency=medium

—Karel Hanák <> Wed, 03 Mar 2021 18:33:31 +0100

iqrf-gateway-webapp (2.2.7) stable; urgency=medium

—Karel Hanák <> Wed, 03 Mar 2021 13:57:21 +0100

iqrf-gateway-webapp (2.2.6) stable; urgency=medium

—Karel Hanák <> Thu, 18 Feb 2021 16:04:31 +0100

iqrf-gateway-webapp (2.2.5) stable; urgency=medium

—Karel Hanák <> Mon, 08 Feb 2021 14:41:59 +0100

iqrf-gateway-webapp (2.2.4) stable; urgency=medium

—Karel Hanák <> Fri, 29 Jan 2021 09:36:51 +0100

iqrf-gateway-webapp (2.2.3) stable; urgency=medium

—Karel Hanák <> Thu, 17 Dec 2020 17:13:05 +0100

iqrf-gateway-webapp (2.2.2) stable; urgency=medium

—Karel Hanák <> Mon, 30 Nov 2020 07:13:59 +0100

iqrf-gateway-webapp (2.2.1) stable; urgency=medium

—Karel Hanák <> Mon, 23 Nov 2020 13:55:07 +0100

iqrf-gateway-webapp (2.2.0) stable; urgency=medium

—Karel Hanak <> Mon, 16 Nov 2020 09:34:40 +0100

iqrf-gateway-webapp (2.1.0) stable; urgency=medium

—Roman Ondracek <> Sun, 25 Oct 2020 11:25:00 +0100

iqrf-gateway-webapp (2.0.0) stable; urgency=medium

  • Info:
  • Release version 2.0.0

—Roman Ondracek <> Mon, 22 Jun 2020 20:00:00 +0200

iqrf-gateway-webapp (2.0.0-rc17) testing; urgency=medium

  • Prepare for version 2.0.0-rc17
  • API: check user language and role while user creation and editing
  • Makefile: fix patch for Doctrine ORM

—Roman Ondracek <> Wed, 10 Jun 2020 21:15:00 +0200

iqrf-gateway-webapp (2.0.0-rc16) testing; urgency=medium

  • Prepare for version v2.0.0-rc16
  • Makefile: apply patches for installation
  • GitLab CI: fix Debian package creation for IQD-GW-01
  • Makefile: do not install documentations for dependencies
  • API: add JSON schema for WiFi network list
  • Feature: add link to Grafana dashboard
  • Tests: add skeleton for API automated testing
  • API: fix user edit Tests: add features
  • GitLab CI: add API testing
  • GitLab CI: fix configuration
  • GitLab CI: fix syntax
  • API: fix API endpoint for user creation
  • API: fix JWT authenticator
  • Behat: refactor features
  • Behat: fix coding style
  • Gateway: fix disk, memory and swap sizes on 32-bit systems
  • Install: add error messages for SQL driver is missing (fix IQRF-GATEWAY-WEBAPP-3B) and database table is missing (fix IQRF-GATEWAY-WEBAPP-28)
  • Docker: fix images for latest tags
  • GitLab CI: fix IQD-GW-01 stable package build

—Roman Ondracek <> Sat, 06 Jun 2020 10:30:51 +0200

iqrf-gateway-webapp (2.0.0-rc15) testing; urgency=medium

  • Prepare for version 2.0.0-rc15
  • Config: fix Tracer file configuration forms
  • Core: replace form renderer
  • Config: fix TRacer file confuguration tool
  • Gateway: add list of installed packages into diagnostics archive
  • IQRF net: add workaround for DNS servers with scoped IPv6 address
  • Add tests, fix coding style
  • NPM: update dependencies
  • Fix Server Error page
  • Kernel: handle invalid or nonexistent version file
  • Guzzle: set timeout to 10 seconds
  • Core: refactor optional feature management, disable version checker
  • Gateway: check certificate and private key existence (fixes IQRF-GATEWAY-WEBAPP-1Q)
  • Console: fix coding style
  • Service: handle service manager process timeout (fixes IQRF-GATEWAY-WEBAPP-32)
  • Gateway: handle nonexistent IQRF Gateway Daemon log file (fixes IQRF-GATEWAY-WEBAPP-18)

—Roman Ondracek <> Sun, 24 May 2020 23:30:00 +0200

iqrf-gateway-webapp (2.0.0-rc14) testing; urgency=medium

  • Prepare for version 2.0.0-rc14
  • Makefile: install also files for API
  • IQRF net: hide empty footers in Standard manager
  • IQRF net: add previous light level indication (fix #234)
  • Update messages
  • Core: skip unreadable directories and files in ZIP archive
  • Config: trace verbosity level input make case insensitive
  • Core: fix permission fixing
  • Config: catch exceptions in scheduler task manager
  • Core: fix permission fixing while writing into file

—Roman Ondracek <> Thu, 14 May 2020 23:45:00 +0200

iqrf-gateway-webapp (2.0.0-rc13) testing; urgency=medium

  • Prepare for version v2.0.0-rc13
  • Service: fix flash messages in different modules
  • IQRF net: update P2P input labels in the TR configuration form
  • Config: fix scheduler form validation
  • IQRF net: partially disable TR configuration cache, fix FRC checkbox
  • Console: refactor commands
  • IQRF network: fix WebSocket client debug panel
  • IQRF network: refactor form factories
  • Config: hide disabled IQRF interfaces

—Roman Ondracek <> Fri, 08 May 2020 00:30:00 +0200

iqrf-gateway-webapp (2.0.0-rc12) testing; urgency=medium

  • Api: add REST API skeleton
  • API: add gateway endpoints
  • API: update annotations
  • API: add enpoint for IQRF IDE Macros
  • API: add diagnostics endpoint
  • API: add enponts to get and list component instances’s configuration
  • API: add API endpoints for IQRF Gateway Daemon service manipulation
  • API: add endpoints for PIXLA client service manipulation
  • API: add API endpoints for Unattended upgrades service manipulation
  • API: add CORS policy
  • API: expose headers, fix annotations
  • API: add Basic authorization
  • Gateway: fix TR info displaying
  • API: add some clouds manager endpoints, fix coding style
  • API: fix authenticator
  • API: fix indentation in annotations
  • API: add endpoint for configuration component instance editing
  • API: add endpoints for component instance creating and deleting
  • API: add endpoints for editing and returning main configuration
  • API: add endpoint to create new component
  • API: use JWT authorization
  • API: fix JWT authorization
  • API: add endpoints to list network connections and interfaces
  • API: fix CORS headers
  • API: add API endpoints for connecting and disconnecting network interfaces
  • API: add endpoints for component configuration deleting and editing
  • API: edits the endpoint to get information about the configuration component
  • API: add endpoint to get network connection detail
  • API: add middleware for OPTION HTTP method handeling
  • API: Add respose entities
  • API: fix annotations, add entities
  • API: add endpoint to edit network connection
  • API: add endpoint to delete the network connection
  • API: fix bug in JWT authorization
  • API: fix coding style in JWT authorization
  • API: add SSH daemon service manager endpoints
  • Tests: add missing tests
  • Tests: add missing tests
  • API: add endpoint for network connectivity check
  • Network: add method to list available WiFi networks
  • Core: fix redirect after sign in
  • Gateway: add simple TLS certificate manager API: fix JWT signer
  • API: fix OpenAPI schema endpoint
  • API: add Amazon AWS IoT connection endpoint
  • Fix coding style
  • API: add JWT signature validation
  • Gateway: fix SSH daemon service manager (fix #231)
  • API: refactor OpenAPI specification endpoint
  • Config: fix creating a new component instance
  • Debian packaging: use IQRF Gateway Daemon’s certificate for HTTPS, warmup templates during installation
  • API: catch invalid JSON exception
  • API: handle more error states in the configuration manager
  • API: add IQRF Gateway Daemon configuration schemas
  • API: add schemas for User manager and IQRF Gateway Webapp version endpoint
  • API: add more JSON schemas
  • API: add more JSON schemas
  • API: refactor service manager
  • GitLab CI: allow coverage stage to fail
  • Core: add privileged file manager
  • API: add endpoint to get IQRF interfaces
  • API: add JSON schema for Amazon AWS IoT connection creation
  • API: fix specification
  • API: fix User manager endpoints
  • Prepare for version 2.0.0-rc12
  • Composer: fix dependencies on older PHP versions
  • Fix typos
  • Fix coding style
  • API: fix typo in exception
  • Gateway: refactor system service controlling
  • IQRF net: remove DPA response parsers
  • Debian packaging: fix template warmup
  • Service: redesign status page

—Roman Ondracek <> Mon, 04 May 2020 22:00:00 +0200

iqrf-gateway-webapp (2.0.0-rc11) testing; urgency=medium

  • Prepare for version 2.0.0-rc11
  • Debian packaging: disable debug info in postinst
  • Config: skip corrupted files in listings
  • Tests: fix coding style
  • Composer: update UUID library
  • Debian packaging: fix tempates warmup
  • Debian packaging: fix postint script
  • Use Doctrine instead of Nette Database

—Roman Ondracek <> Fri, 24 Apr 2020 15:00:00 +0200

iqrf-gateway-webapp (2.0.0-rc10) testing; urgency=medium

  • Prepare for version 2.0.0-rc10
  • Debian packaging: fix iqrf-gateway-webapp-manager installation
  • Disable secure flag in session cookies

—Roman Ondracek <> Fri, 17 Apr 2020 00:22:05 +0200

iqrf-gateway-webapp (2.0.0-rc9) testing; urgency=medium

  • Prepare for version 2.0.0-rc9
  • Debian packaging: fix Apache2 configuration installation
  • Debian packaging: use PHP-FPM in Apache2 site configuration
  • Makefile: add skeleton of install target
  • Debian packaging: fix SQLite database owner
  • Debian packaging: update mainteiner scripts

—Roman Ondracek <> Wed, 15 Apr 2020 23:30:00 +0200

iqrf-gateway-webapp (2.0.0-rc8) testing; urgency=medium

  • Prepare for version 2.0.0-rc8
  • IQRF net: update flash messages on Coordinator upload page

—Roman Ondracek <> Tue, 14 Apr 2020 01:32:00 +0200

iqrf-gateway-webapp (2.0.0-rc7) testing; urgency=medium

  • Core: fix redirect after sign in
  • Core: hide User ID column for normal users
  • IQRF net: add TR configuration success read flash message for BFUs
  • Prepare for version 2.0.0-rc7
  • Config: skip invalid scheduler task files
  • Tests: fix scheduler tests
  • Config: enable IQRF Info component configuration tool for all users
  • IQRF net: add error message for device info table if daemon is not correctly responding
  • Core: add another redirect if the user is signed in (fix #226)
  • IQRF net: fix TR configuration form (fix #220)
  • Core: use own directory for sessions (fix #230)
  • IQRF net: add error messages for incorrect DPA sections (fix #221)
  • IQRF net: add missing Alternative DSM channel input field in TR configuration (fix #220)
  • Config: restart IQRF Gateway Daemon after scheduler task import
  • Config: fix texts on Scheduler task import page
  • IQRF net: fix typos in error messages for incorrect HWPID in DPA packet/JSON request
  • Gateway: fix SSH daemon service manager (fix #231)
  • Monolog: disable Git processor
  • Core: fix datagrid overflow (fix #233), fix sidabar toggle icon, update dependencies
  • Debian packaging: use IQRF Gateway Daemon’s certificate for HTTPS, warmup templates during installation
  • Debian packaging: disable command printing
  • Config: fix scheduler ZIP archive import

—Roman Ondracek <> Mon, 13 Apr 2020 00:25:00 +0200

iqrf-gateway-webapp (2.0.0-rc6) testing; urgency=medium

  • Core: hide unnecessary inputs in user add form
  • Gateway: rename IQRF Gateway Daemon and SSH daemon service managers
  • Gateway: redesign power control

—Roman Ondracek <> Thu, 19 Mar 2020 13:20:00 +0100

iqrf-gateway-webapp (2.0.0-rc5) testing; urgency=medium

  • Update dependencies
  • IQRF net: rename error message “No response from IQRF Gateway Daemon.” (fix #221)
  • Core: rename user edit form save button (fix #222)
  • IQRF net: fix coding style in IQRF Standard Sensor form template
  • Config: add scheduler’s task validation
  • Config: fix scheduler’s task validation
  • Config: rename labels in the scheduler’s task configuration form
  • IQRF net: disable FRC embedded peripheral configuration for DPA 4.xx, rename TR configuration write button (fix #220)
  • IQRF net: fix coding style
  • Core: add link to docs (fix #223)
  • IQRF net: add information about the daemon restarting at Coordinator upload page (fix #224)
  • Core: fix bug at sign in page (fix #226)
  • Config: fix uncatched exception in scheduler task editor
  • Config: add cache directory permissions workaround
  • Network: check exit code when reading network connection, add network connection deletion
  • Gateway: add SSH daemon service manager (fix #227)
  • IQRF net: skip devices with invalid address in device map

—Roman Ondracek <> Wed, 18 Mar 2020 19:40:00 +0100

iqrf-gateway-webapp (2.0.0-rc4) testing; urgency=medium

  • Sentry: update DSN keys
  • IQRF Net: fix JSON API request validation
  • GitLab CI: remove Debian 9 Stretch image generation for testing
  • GitLab CI: update phpDocumentator
  • Makefile: fix test target
  • Config: refactor scheduler manager
  • Debian packaging: skip tests
  • Config: add JSON schema validations for imported scheduler’s tasks

—Roman Ondracek <> Wed, 12 Feb 2020 10:50:00 +0100

iqrf-gateway-webapp (2.0.0-rc3) testing; urgency=medium

  • IQRF Net: remove DALI support message
  • IQRF Net: fix ping nodes
  • Debian packaging: support also Apache2 web server and support multiple PHP versions
  • IQRF net: add confirmation messages for removing a node and clearing all bonds
  • Core: fix version
  • Fix coding style
  • Core: update router
  • IQRF net: add missing flash messages at Send DPA package and Send JSON request pages (fix #204)
  • Gateway: show the latest modified log file (fix #209)
  • Gateway: fix version and coding style
  • IQRF Net: merge TR configuration forms Core: refactor menu, user edit form and sign in
  • Core: update sign in logo, refactor sign out
  • Core: fix error pages
  • Config: enable JSON Metadata API configuration tool also for normal users
  • IQRF Net: rename TR upload to Coordinator upload, add info message (fix #202)
  • IQRF Net: show HWPID on Device enumeration page
  • Gateway: fix log viewer
  • IQRF Net: remove Autonetwork emdedded from DPA Macros (fix #216)
  • IQRF Net: edit texts on Coordinator upload page (fix #202)
  • Core: remove password hash from user list method
  • Core: try to fix permissions after file manipulation failure (fix #214)
  • Core: move CSS and JS source directories to the root directory
  • IQRF Net: remove old IQRF IDE Macros files
  • Gateway: refactor service control
  • Gateway: refactor unattended upgrade control panel
  • Gateway: refactor gateway mode control panel (fix #210)
  • IQRF Net: refactor TR configuration
  • IQRF Net: fix RF channel inputs in TR configuration
  • Core: fix password change for normal users
  • Gateway: remove one extra button for log downloading
  • Core: hide role and language columns in user datagrid for normal users
  • Core: fix coding style, refactor user datagrid
  • IQRF Net: fix TR configuration writing for nodes
  • Config: refactor scheduler configuration form, add support for multiple messages in one task (fix #219)
  • Config: fix scheduler configuration migration
  • IQRF Net: remove JSON API messages conversion to array (fix #194)
  • Config: fix save and restart button in scheduler task configuration form
  • Config: add redirect to datagrid if scheduler task does not exist
  • IQRF Net: add JSON API request validation on Send JSON request page
  • Config: add IQRF Info configuration tool (fix #200)
  • Config: fix datagrids - fix CSS overflow, fix AJAX snippet
  • Cloud: improve Hexio IoT Platform MQTT connection wizard
  • Install: add GW information download button (fix #218)
  • PHPStan: fix rule

—Roman Ondracek <> Sun, 09 Feb 2020 20:45:00 +0100

iqrf-gateway-webapp (2.0.0-rc2) testing; urgency=medium

  • Tests: fix tests for the webapp’s version
  • GitLab CI: fix stable package deployment
  • Add PHP 7.4 support, update Monolog and Sentry (fix #179)
  • Debian packaging: fix patches
  • Add Rector, fix coding style

—Roman Ondracek <> Mon, 06 Jan 2020 13:37:07 +0100

iqrf-gateway-webapp (2.0.0-rc1) testing; urgency=medium

[ Roman Ondracek ] [ Rostislav Špinar ]

  • Fix test for the version manager
  • Add locks for tests which is manipulating with files
  • Catch exceptions in the scheduler configuration manager
  • Create a snapshot build of Debian package
  • Add sudo as Debian package dependency
  • Update IQRF Gateway Daemon’s SPI configuration tool
  • Fix SPI pins mapping tool for SBCs
  • Update the installation guide
  • Add more translations for the datagrid
  • Add a skeleton of user documentation
  • Fix permissions in the Debian package
  • Hide OTA upload configuration tool
  • Fix typo in IQMESH configuration tool’s presenter
  • Fix lintian tag embedded-javascript-library
  • Add packages python3-sphinx and rsync to the testing Docker image
  • Add the API documentation and User documentation deploy to GitLab CI
  • Add SSH client to the testing Docker image
  • Add recommonmark to the testing Docker image
  • Fix path to the user documentation to deploy
  • Fix Docker images
  • Fix a grammatical mistake in the user documentation
  • Add MQTT topics to the MQTT datagrid
  • Show only necessary components for a normal user
  • Add a method to get UART interfaces available in the system
  • Refactor IQRF CDC and SPI configuration presenters
  • Fix components order in the generic configuration manager
  • Add a lock before a scheduler’s task deletion in the test
  • Fix a bug in the IQRF Gateway Daemon’s configuration import
  • Add the IQRF UART interface configuration tool
  • Add JSON highlighter
  • Partially refactor websocket client
  • Refactor a websocket client
  • Change coding style checker’s settings
  • Fix a translation in GW info
  • Update names of IQRF Gateway Daemon’s directories
  • Refactor the version manager
  • Refactor tests for getting information about the gateway
  • Refactor the service manager
  • Add debug information into Websocket client
  • Fix bug in a saving of IQRF Gateway Daemon’s configuration file
  • Update SPI and UART GPIO pins names
  • Fix URL to IQRF Gateway Daemon’s websocket server
  • Refactor managers for a creation connection into cloud services
  • Fix bug in tests
  • Add a guide how to install PHP 7.2 on Raspbian 9
  • Refactor test for IQRF Gateway Daemon’s service manager
  • Fix configuration error messages
  • Add more tests for cloud service managers
  • Fix the path for certificates for MQTT connections
  • Create the directory for certificates for MQTT connections
  • Fix IQRF JSON requests
  • Fix IQRF JSON requests in tests
  • Add a SPI port mapping
  • Rename the configuration tool for components for normal users
  • Move the navigation to own template
  • Fix whitespaces in the navigation
  • Add a port and pins mapping for UART interface
  • Update the PGP key of PHP repository for Raspbian
  • Update the root CA certificate for Amazon AWS IoT
  • Fix bug in the generic cloud service manager
  • Fix component’s status changing from datagrid
  • Fix redrawing of the component’s datagrid
  • Remove support of the old websocket service - shape::WebsocketService
  • Fix websocket interface manager
  • Allow status changes from the datagrid for MQ, MQTT and Websocket interface
  • Fix bugs in JSON validation against the JSON schema
  • Allow status changes from the datagrid for WebSocket messagings
  • Fix typos, update PHPDocs, sort imports and format source code
  • Add links to PDF and video guides for cloud services
  • Add the CLI tool for managing webapp
  • Refactor CLI tool
  • Add man page
  • Update Debian package and man page
  • Update docker images for testing
  • Add PHP 7.3 support to Travis CI
  • Update composer in PHP 7.2 and PHP 7.3 builds in GitLab CI
  • Cleanup IQRF DPA configuration tool
  • Refactor DPA request and response manager
  • Change namespace for IQRF Network module
  • Fix test for the router
  • Rename the file with translations for IQRF Network manager
  • Fix send DPA raw form
  • Scheduler uses APIv2 and displays the task time in human readable format
  • Fixed names of namespaces
  • Fix bugs in the scheduler’s configuration tool
  • Improve user’s data grid
  • Remove scheduler from manageable components by normal user
  • Fix IQRF Gateway Daemon’s log viewer
  • Fix timezone in tests
  • Fix URL for checking updates
  • Update the installation guide
  • Decrease default WS client timeout to 26 seconds
  • Add scheduler’s configuration migration
  • Redesign
  • Fix coding style
  • Add favicon
  • Fix bug in GW diagnostics
  • Use only stable composer’s packages (fix problem with DI)
  • Add disk, memory and swap usages
  • Add IQMESH Network bonding manager
  • Use new API for setting an access password and an user key
  • Add IQMESH enumeration manager, add DPA version and RF mode to GW info
  • Fix name of IBM Cloud
  • Change the order of cloud services
  • Fix disk usage unit conversion
  • Add information about IQRF Gateway to GW info
  • Update phpDocumentator
  • Fix coding style
  • Follow redirects in phpDocumentator’s download links
  • Fix bug in a swap usage
  • Update notification about a new version and about an offline mode
  • Fix changing of the IQRF Gateway Daemon mode
  • Fix badges in Read me, fix packagist’s package name
  • Fix GitLab CI badge’s URL
  • Fix the coding style in Read me
  • Workaround for broken dependencies of Kdyby/Translation
  • Update dependency on IQRF Gateway Daemon’s Debian package
  • Update IQRF IDE Macros
  • Add code coverage generation into GitLab CI
  • Fix settings of coding style checker
  • Reload nginx service only if nginx service is started in Debian package installation and uninstallation
  • Add Docker testing images building and deploying into GitLab CI
  • Update Docker images for testing
  • Fix Docker testing images building and deploying in GitLab CI
  • Fix upload of testing Docker images to Docker Hub
  • Update Sentry’s DSN
  • Revert “Remove a configuration tool for Tracer”
  • Fix a configuration tool for trace files
  • Add a basic datagrid for trace file service configuration tool
  • Update Docker images
  • Refactor GitLab CI configuration
  • Fix GitLab CI configuration
  • Fix GitLab CI configuration
  • Allow build failure of Docker image for Raspberry Pi
  • Add SPI restart option into IQRF SPI configuration tool
  • Set IQRF Gateway Daemon’s WS server URL via ENV variable
  • Build new Docker images for each commit
  • Remove PHP 7.2 from the testing Debian Buster image
  • Remove build of Docker images for RPi (segfault) and update testing Docker images
  • Update changelog
  • Workaround for a failing creation of a new MQTT connection due unset values (fix #113)
  • Add form for sending a raw JSON DPA requests
  • Update the installation wizard, add button to show some GW info in the installation wizard
  • Fix coding style
  • Build and upload Docker images after tests
  • Fix a typo in GitLab CI’s configuration
  • Fix coding style
  • Fix indents in composer file
  • Fix coding style
  • Fix templates for Tracer configuration tool
  • Fix Debian package dependencies
  • Make from a custom shell manager (AppCoreModuleModelsCommandManager) an adapter for symfony/process (fix #132)
  • Update PHP dependencies
  • Add prototype of IQRF Gateway Updater
  • Fix coding style in IQRF Gateway Updater
  • Fix coding style in lang files
  • Add gwmon customer ID to GW info, remove TR info from installation GW info
  • Remove unused imports form installation GW info presenter
  • Fix path to the gwmon customer ID
  • Add link to IQRF Gateway updater into webapp’s navigation
  • Fix the Send JSON request form, add JSON schema validation for JSON requests to send
  • Fix coding style in IQRF network module
  • Add a new rfMode detection
  • Fix creation of JSON api request
  • Fix getting information about the Coordinator
  • Fix coding style in JSON API request
  • Fix RF mode parser
  • Refactor board managers
  • Use NPM and webpack for CSS and JS dependencies, add Sentry and textarea autosize
  • Refactor JS, add ESLint
  • Fix a default directory with scheduler’s tasks
  • Rename Send JSON DPA request to Send IQRF JSON request
  • Fix an error message when a file with scheduler’s tasks is not found
  • Optimize CSS and JS files for JSON highlighter
  • Add CSS minimizer, split JS files into modules, fix UART ports and pins selector
  • Add new JS files into the main template
  • Add EditorConfig
  • Fix PHPDoc for WS client’s exceptions
  • Add a skeleton for a new IQMESH Network manager
  • Refactor IQMESH Network manager - mainly sections bonding and discovery, fix small bugs in IQMESH Network manager
  • Fix unexpected tabulars in IQMESH Network manager
  • Fix name for PIXLA Token and IQMESH Network type
  • Fix whitespaces in GW Info manager
  • Add Debian package deployment into GitLab CI
  • Fix Debian package deployment in GitLab CI
  • Fix development Debian package deployment environment name in GitLab CI
  • Fix IQMESH Security title
  • Fix missing title for IQRF IDE Macros
  • Hide Power user role in the first user creation
  • Split off TR configuration from IQMESH Network Manager
  • Simplify TR configuration tab names
  • Add an missing empty param object to Clean all bonds request
  • Swap positions of IQMESH Network manager and TR configuration
  • Fix title of IQMESH Network manager’s form
  • Fix network type change
  • Remove an unnecessary message Id control in WebSocket client
  • Refactor WebSocket client
  • Fix a visibility of stopSync method of WebSocket client
  • Use a package contributte/monolog instead of an unmaintained package Kdyby/Monolog for the error logging into Sentry
  • Update PHPStan to version 0.11
  • Fix WebSocket client
  • Add Devices info into IQMESH Network manager
  • IQMESH Network manager: use decimal addresses instead of hexadecimals
  • TR configuration: do not fill embedded peripherals if the response is not successful
  • Core: Redirect to previous page after log in when user is logged out due inactivity
  • Core: update translations
  • Console: add some extra commands
  • TR configuration: move the RF configuration to the OS section
  • TR configuration: add flash messages informing about the TR configuration saving status
  • TR configuration: add flash messages informing about the TR security saving status
  • IQMESH Network manager: add flash messages informing about a bonding a discovery status
  • IQMESH Network manager: add device enumeration
  • JSON API request: fix the message ID addition
  • WebSocket client: make checking a response status as optional
  • IQRF Network: add missing flash messages translations
  • Send IQRF JSON request: add link to the documentation
  • IQMESH Network manager: use iqmeshNetwork_RemoveBond service for removing a bond and clearing all bonds
  • Clouds, Send IQRF JSON request: open the documentation in a new tab/window
  • Configuration: update a configuration tool for Scheduler to work with the new format
  • Configuration: update scheduler’s configuration migration manager
  • Configuration: add test for scheduler’s configuration migration
  • Configuration: fix coding style in a test for scheduler’s configuration migration
  • Configuration: fix scheduler’s configuration tool (period in ms, startTime is required only with exactTime)
  • Gateway: add IQRF Gateway Daemon’s metadata and scheduler to the diagnostics data
  • Debian package: generate and apply self-signed certificate during the package installation process
  • GitLab CI: deploy docs only from branch master
  • GitLab CI: ignore branch name during Debian package’s changelog generation
  • Debian package: remove diacritics from a self-signed certificate info
  • Debian package: remove old unnecessary directory
  • Debian package: fix sudoers for webapp
  • Gateway: add actions for powering off and rebooting IQRF Gateway
  • All: update date in copyright notices
  • Translations: fix typos
  • Configuration: fix the addition of a new task in scheduler
  • Configuration: fix a timeout in IQRF Raw message in tasks in the scheduler
  • Configuration: fix tests for scheduler’s configuration tool
  • IQRF Net: Add a warning if the interoperability will be violated due a change in TR configuration
  • Configuration: Fix cron time parsing in scheduler’s configuration tool
  • Configuration: add a button for saving scheduler’s configuration and IQRF Gateway Daemon restart
  • Configuration: add IQRF Gateway Daemon’s restart after successful scheduler’s configuration import
  • Configuration: add IQRF Gateway Daemon’s restart after successful configuration import
  • IQRF Net: add the coordinator to the Device Info
  • IQRF Net: update translations
  • IQRF Net: Use decimal addresses in bonded and discovered nodes parsers
  • IQRF Net: add NADR to the access password and the user key managers
  • IQRF Net: add a form for network address changing in TR configuration
  • IQRF Net: add basic IQRF Standard sensor manager
  • IQRF Net: fix name of IQMESH Network manager
  • IQRF Net: Add IQRF Standard binary output and IQRF Standard light device enumeration
  • IQRF Net: add IQRF Standard binary output state setting
  • IQRF Net: add a button Back to IQMESH Network manager into device enumeration
  • IQRF Net: add getting states of IQRF Standard binary outputs
  • IQRF Net: add changing and getting power of IQRF Standard light and redesign IQRF Standard manager
  • All: update PHPDocs, fix typos
  • IQRF Net: add some missing tests
  • Gateway: add missing tests for IQRF Gateway’s power control manager
  • IQRF Net: add some missing tests
  • Tests: remove expected and actual output, add unit tests for Service module
  • Tests: add the database test case
  • Core: update the command manager
  • Core: move the router under CoreModule
  • Tests: refactor tests
  • Gateway: add list of upgradable packages
  • Test: fix coding style
  • Tests: fix namespaces
  • Include deb package also for Ubuntu
  • Config: add JSON Metadata API configuration tool
  • Gateway: add list of upgradable packages
  • Gateway: add an unsupported package manager error flash message
  • Debian package: fix corrupted sudo configuration
  • Debian package: fix corrupted sudo configuration
  • Tests: fix the path to the JSON schemas
  • App: refactor application’s bootstrap
  • Configuration: specify a file extension of the configuration archive
  • Composer: add commands for running coverage and tests
  • Configuration: update the format of scheduler’s configuration
  • Configuration: fix cron format in scheduler configuration tool
  • All: refactor form factories
  • Configuration: fix typo in scheduler’s configuration migration
  • Configuration: rename DPA Handler timeout to DPA Confirmation/Response timeout in DPA configuration tool
  • Gateway: move board managers and package managers into own namespaces
  • Cloud: fix URL to IBM Cloud CA certificate
  • Gateway: Show error messages if the webapp cannot read log files
  • Gateway: fix imports in IQRF Gateway Daemon’s log viewer presenter
  • IQRF Net: add a vertical scrolling to IQRF Standard tables, round IQRF Standard sensor values to two decimal places
  • IQRF Net: remove ‘?’ from IQRF Standard sensor’s units
  • Core: handle empty directories in the ZIP archive manager
  • Downgrade Latte template engine
  • Tests: fix path to version manager tests
  • Config: add scheduler’s task time specification manager
  • IQRF Net: fix IQMESH security manager
  • Service: fix descriptions
  • All: fix size of headings
  • All: fix typos
  • IQRF Net: remove unnecessary rebond node action, fix bonding action’s names
  • All: update JS bundles
  • Config: add option to accept WebSocket connections only from localhost
  • All: split NEON configuration files
  • Config: fix JS for the scheduler configuration tool
  • Core: normal users cannot create a new power user
  • All: use trait for flash messages in presenters
  • Debian package: add workaround for outdated composer in Debian stable
  • Tests: update NetteTester and PHPStan
  • IQRF Net: disable form validation for Clearing all bonds
  • IQRF Net: Add Smart Connect bonding test retries
  • Tests: update URL of echo WS server
  • IQRF Net: fix typo in bonding form
  • IQRF Net: refactor IQMESH Bonding form
  • IQRF Net: Hide unchangeable peripherals for normal users in TR configuration (DPA section)
  • Configuration: add workaround for scheduler’s task deletion
  • QA: update code sniffer and fix coding style
  • All: use a trait for flash messages in presenters
  • PHPStan: add deprecation and strict rules
  • IQRF Net: update macros from IQRF IDE
  • All: Update menu
  • Cloud: Add TC Písek IoT Platform
  • Cloud: remove diacritics from TC Písek IoT Platform’s name
  • Cloud: set default MQTT broker for TC Písek IoT Platform
  • IQRF net: add bonding test retries also for local bonding
  • IQRF net: rename OS configuration to RF configuration
  • Config: fix multiple instances error message in UDP configuration tool
  • Config: add flash messages in a configuration deletion
  • Config: fix bug in scheduler configuration tool
  • IQRF Network: fix names in IQRF Standard Manager (fix #160)
  • Gateway: rename titles, move Configuration migration into Configuration module
  • Service: mode under Gateway module
  • IQRF net: change IQRF Standard manager’s name in the navigation menu
  • IQRF Network: fix link to IQRF Gateway Daemon’s API documentation
  • Docker for ARMHF
  • Docker: refactor Dockerfiles
  • GitLab CI: fix paths to Dockerfiles
  • Docker: add support for armel, armhf, arm64, i386 and ppc64le
  • Debian: fix links to source repository
  • Docs: remove the user documentation
  • GitLab CI: fix used Docker images, update URLs
  • IQRF Network: add sensor’s breakdown support
  • IQRF network: add error flash message for missing JSON schemas on Send JSON request page
  • Composer: update dependencies
  • Gateway: catch an exception on GW info page when the daemon’s main configuration file doesn’t exists
  • Composer: update version name of broken dependency
  • Debian: download PHP dependencies while package creation (fix #137)
  • Gateway: show GW mode on GW info page (fix #158)
  • Docker: update images for testing
  • Gateway: move the network manager into own class
  • Cloud: catch an exception if a directory for certificates cannot be created (fix #154)
  • Gateway: display short versions of the daemon and the webapp (fix #161, #150)
  • Gateway: rename page “Change gateway mode” to “Change mode”
  • Configuration: fix bad redirect on page Main configuration
  • All: use flash message trait also in datagrids and forms
  • Composer: fix guzzlette’s dependency
  • Core: add alt attribute for logos
  • Gateway: fix format for released versions in the version manager
  • All: update PHPDocs and refactor callbacks
  • Debian: support multiple PHP versions (from PHP 7.1)
  • Core: allow users enable/disable specific functions (e.g. System updater)
  • Gateway: fix coding style in System updater presenter
  • Gateway: hide RFC 3041 addresses on GW info page
  • Core: fix typo in the successful message for editing users and fix translator
  • Gateway: add native upload
  • Gateway: add PIXLA client service manager (fix #157)
  • Console: add CLI command for managing optional features
  • IQRF network: fix the address validation in the bonding form (fix #164)
  • Debian: command iqrf-gateway-webapp-manager can use only root (fix #112)
  • Gateway: add error message about bad permissions
  • Gateway: remove information message at native upload form
  • IQRF network: show RF mode on enumeration page
  • Core: block all robots
  • GitLab CI: allow failure test on PHP 7.2 (due some bug), set PHP 7.3 as default PHP version
  • Debian packaging: support only PHP 7.3
  • Debian packaging: move caches and logs to the correct directories, fix the category of the manpage, remove unnecessary files, update standards version
  • Debian packaging: add comments to the rules file
  • Sentry: update DSN
  • GitLab CI: allow failure of Docker images for testing
  • Debian packaging: use the correct directory for configuration
  • IQRF Network: add product homepage and picture at device enumeration page
  • Composer: use PSR-4 instead of classmap
  • Debian packaging: fix path in patch for the correct configuration directory
  • Upgrade to Nette 3 (fix #155)
  • Remove support for PHP 7.1, workaround for contributte/console-extra
  • Use contributte/translation instead of Kdyby/Translation (fix #156)
  • Rename Native upload to TR upload and move it to IQRF network module
  • Core: fix ITranslator injection
  • IQRF network: fix the parent of Device enumeration presenter
  • Configuration: fix indents of the translator’s configuration
  • Core: remove unused imports, fix ITranslator injection in the form factory
  • Debian packaging: update patches, remove unnecessary git files
  • IQRF network: fix bonding manager
  • IQRF network: remove an unused import in the bonding manager
  • Config: use the form renderer also for the configuration import forms
  • IQRF net: fix Send DPA packet form
  • IQRF net: fix coding style
  • IQRF net: fix names of groups in the TR configuration
  • Core: fix logging in without backlink
  • IQRF net: add tool for importing IQRF OS diffs
  • IQRF net: move Native upload manager from the gateway module into IQRF network module
  • Core: add hardening HTTP response headers (fix #172)
  • Core: fix Content Security Policy
  • Core: use relative paths in the main configuration file
  • IQRF net: Use UUID v4 instead of timestamp as message ID (fix #171)
  • IQRF net: remove unused import
  • Config: fix the input labels in the configuration forms
  • Config: fix WebSocket service datagrid
  • Cloud: move PIXLA manager from Gateway module to Cloud module
  • Tests: fix PHPStan rules
  • Core: add Tracy bar extension for Command manager
  • Config: replace unsupported question mark (no specific value) with asterisk (all values) in scheduler’s cron-like expression
  • Core: refactor Command manager
  • Cloud: fix PIXLA flash messages
  • IQRF net: add removing nodes and clearing all nodes only on the Coordinator side
  • Tests: increase PHPStan level to 5
  • Tests: fix PHPStan configuration
  • Composer: fix Nette/Finder version
  • Composer: update IQRF IDE macros parser
  • IQRF net: disable TR upload by default
  • IQRF net: fix IQRF Binary output standard manager
  • IQRF net: fix LP icon in the device enumeration
  • Configuration: fix Tracer verbosity levels
  • Network: Add Ethernet connection manager (fix #51)
  • Features: disable Network manager by default
  • Gateway: fix Log file title
  • IQRF net: add tool for IQRF OS and DPA upgrade
  • IQRF net: fix DPA file names for DPA upload
  • IQRF net: catch an exception when DPA file to upload cannot be downloaded
  • Console: fix the feature disable command
  • Network: fix function to create a new IPv4 address entity from IPv4 address and subnet mask on 32-bit systems
  • Network: trim spaces in IPv4/IPv6 address entities
  • Network: add TUN connection into the connection type enum
  • IQRF net: add IQRF Standard DALI manager (fix #170)
  • IQRF net: add a checkbox for enabling DPA peer to peer communication in TR configuration
  • Gateway: add Unattended upgrades manager
  • Tests: use Makefile instead of Composer scripts
  • Config: show error message if the corresponding JSON schema is corrupted (fix #151)
  • IQRF net: fix the address validation in the network manager
  • Network: add massing error messages
  • Tests: fix PHPStan configuration
  • Core: fix JS error logging into Sentry
  • Network: catch Invalid UUID exception in the network connection configuration form
  • Debian packaging: add reverse proxy for IQRF Gateway Daemon’s WS servers
  • Gateway: split optional updater feature into updater and unattendedUpgrades
  • Core: update GitLab repository URL in the webapp’s version manager
  • Gateway: rename Unattended upgrades to Automatic upgrades
  • Network: fix Ethernet connection manager
  • Network: fix network connection enum annotations
  • Config: fix labels in WebSocket messaging configuration form
  • Config: refactor WebSocket configuration manager
  • Tests: update IQRF Gateway Daemon’s configuration
  • Config: Add Daemon’s monitor service configuration tool (fix #177)
  • Core: fix CSP at Error 500 page (fix #176)
  • Gateway: ignore empty files in the log viewer
  • Composer: update QA, Nette Tester a Tracy
  • Core: use dynamic module configuration loading
  • Cloud: add missing test for TC Písek IoT Platform MQTT connector
  • Debian packaging: update patches
  • Core: fix datagrid overflow on devices with small resolution (fix #121)
  • Core: refactor command manager
  • Network: add basic validation
  • Debian packaging: update dependencies
  • Network: add an error message if Network Manager is not installed
  • Gateway: remove confirmation dialogs for GW reboot and GW power off
  • Config: refactor tracer file configuration tool
  • Core: refactor JSON schema manager (fix #180)
  • NPM: update dependencies
  • IQRF net: add basic test for native upload manager
  • UI: indicate longer running tasks (fix #166)
  • Config: add default SPI pin mapping for UniPi Axon
  • IQRF net: add loading spinners for forms
  • IQRF net: catch an exception if IQRF Repository is unavailable (fix #183)
  • IQRF net: modify IQRF DALI flash message, fix warnings on IQRF Standards manager page
  • Gateway: show only local storage usage on GW Info page (fix #184)
  • IQRF net: fix the response viewer on Standard manager page
  • IQRF net: refresh the device map after device manipulation
  • QA: fix PHPStan rules
  • Cloud: rename PIXLA management title (fix #191)
  • Core: redesign error pages (fix #182)
  • Fix coding style in templates for Error pages
  • Network: fix Ethernet connection configuration form validation rules (fix #187)
  • Update Sentry DSN
  • IQRF net: catch an exception if the device is not certified at Device enumeration page
  • IQRF net: add FRC ping (fix #178)
  • NPM: update dependencies
  • IQRF net: refactor device manager
  • IQRF net: add tests for device manager
  • IQRF net: refactor DPA and IQRF OS manager for Native upload
  • IQRF net: refactor upload manager
  • IQRF net: add DPA upload form for normal users
  • IQRF net: fix DPA upload form
  • Update dependencies
  • IQRF net: add Coordinator DPA Handler upload for normal users
  • NPM: update dependencies
  • Commands: fix interface
  • Cloud: rename TC Pisek IoT platform to Hexio IoT platform
  • GUI: fix Font Awesome bar icon for navbar
  • Composer: update dependencies, fix coding style
  • Cloud: open PIXLA dashboard in a new tab
  • IQRF net: restart the daemon after Native upload
  • Fix coding style
  • Extend docker image for building docs
  • IQRF net: disable DPA timeout by default on Send raw page, update NPM dependencies
  • IQRF net: fix DPA Handler file validation on TR upload page
  • Core: add live form validator
  • Core: fix sign in form
  • GitLab CI: build packages also for IQD-GW-01
  • Debian packaging: fix patch for IQD-GW-01 package
  • IQRF net: fix JSON highlighting (fix #193)
  • Debian package: fix log directory permissions after every install/upgrade (fix #199)
  • Gateway: add IQRF Gateway Controller version and logs (fix #198)
  • Config: add task import (fix #181)

—Roman Ondracek <> Tue, 31 Dec 2019 23:37:48 +0100

iqrf-gateway-webapp (2.0.0-beta) testing; urgency=medium

  • Add configuration tools for IQRF Gateway Daemon v2
  • Add PHPStan - tool for static analysis
  • Add JSON schema validation
  • Add support for Debian testing and Ubuntu 18.04 in the installer
  • Add an user manager
  • Add the installation wizard
  • Hide JSON Raw API and JSON Splitter configuration to a normal user
  • Move the link for the IQRF Gateway Daemon’s configuration migration under the Gateway module
  • Drop PHP 7.0 support
  • Move core functionality into own module (CoreModule)
  • Update dependencies
  • Replace iqrfapp with a Websocket client
  • Rename project to iqrf-gateway-webapp
  • Removed configuration tools for IQRF Gateway Daemon v1

—Roman Ondracek <> Wed, 05 Sep 2018 13:50:10 +0200