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How to configure the daemon

CK-USB-04A or GW-USB-06 devices must be switched to USB CDC IQRF mode using IDE menu: Tools/USB Classes/Switch to CDC IQRF mode

Install IQRF Gateway Webapp

Follow the installation guide or you can modify configuration files manually as shown in following chapter.

It is recommended to install IQRF Gateway Webapp since it also gives you powerful tool to setup and work with IQRF and Clouds (IBM Cloud, MS Azure, Amazon AWS IoT, Inteliments InteliGlue).

Main configuration parameters and its location

IQRF Gateway Webapp gives you nice GUI to configure all these parameters an easy way.

Folder /etc/iqrf-gateway-daemon

  • config.json

    • Tip: check/enable/disable daemon components
    • Select either SPI, UART or CDC
  • iqrf__IqrfSpi.json

    • Tip: configure your IQRF interface - SPI
BoardSPI interface
Raspberry Pi/dev/spidev0.0
Orange Pi Zero/dev/spidev1.0
UP board/dev/spidev2.0
UP2 board/dev/spidev1.0
  • iqrf__IqrfUart.json

    • Tip: configure your IQRF interface - UART
    • Interface (/dev/ttyS0)
    • BaudRate (Depends on TR configuration of your coordinator module)
  • iqrf__IqrfCdc.json

    • Tip: check/configure your IQRF interface - CDC
    • Interface (/dev/ttyACMx {x=0...y})
  • iqrf__IqrfDpa.json

    • Tip: check/configure your DPA params
    • DPA Handler timeout (default time to wait for DPA cnf/rsp, 500ms)
  • iqrf__MqttMessaging.json

    • Tip: check/configure your MQTT broker
    • Broker IP (
    • Broker port (1883)
    • Client topics (Iqrf/DpaRequest, Iqrf/DpaResponse)
    • Accept async msgs (true)
  • iqrf__MqMessaging.json

    • Tip: check/configure your MQ names
    • Remote MQ name (iqrf-daemon-100)
    • Local MQ name (iqrf-daemon-110)
    • Accept async msgs (true)
  • iqrf__UdpMessaging.json

    • Tip: check/configure your UDP ports
    • Remote port (55000)
    • Local port (55300)
  • iqrf__IdeCounterpart.json

    • Tip: check/configure your GW name and mode
    • Identification name of the GW (iqrf-gateway-daemon)
    • Set daemon to start in operMode (operational/service/forwarding)
  • shape__WebsocketService.json

    • Tip: check your port and enable channel for remote connection if required
    • Websocket port (1338)
    • AcceptOnlyLocalhost (true)
    • Accept async msgs (true)
  • iqrf__MonitorService.json

    • Tip: check your port
    • Websocket port (1438)
  • iqrf__JsCache.json

    • Tip: check/configure IQRF repository cache update period
    • Cache update period (0m)
  • iqrf__JsonMngMetaDataApi.json

    • Tip: check/configure inclusion of metadata to json messages
    • metadata to messages (false)
    • flag can be also changed in runtime using cfgDaemon API
  • shape__TraceFileService.json

    • Tip: check/configure log file
    • Path (/var/log/iqrf-gateway-daemon)
    • Filename (Timestamp-iqrf-gateway-daemon.log)
    • Size (1048576MB)
    • Timestamp (false)
    • Verbosity (INF)

Folder /var/cache/iqrf-gateway-daemon/scheduler

Restart the daemon

To load new configuration restart the daemon.

sudo systemctl restart iqrf-gateway-daemon.service