Daemon API

JSON messages for communication via MQ/WS/MQTT channels. Messages has been tested with OS v4.02D and DPA v3.02 at TR-7xD and higher. Check with DPA release pages the relevance of particular DPA cmds. Some DPA cmds were updated/added/removed in further versions of DPA.

IQRF Gateway Daemon API categories:


IQRF GWD API categories

IQRF Generic

Generic messages are able to handle any DPA packet.

IQRF Standard

Standard messages has been design according to IQRF Standard and DPA protocol.

Embed Coordinator

IQMESH Network

Services that ease the task of working with IQMESH network. They are composed of more then single DPA transaction (req-cnf-rsp) in most of the cases. They are also integrating information from IQRF Repository. They are inspired by the services available in IQRF IDE - IQMESH Network Manager.

Daemon Notification

Daemon state notifications related to interfaces, modes via websocket channel on port 1438.