Update OTA

Update your IQD-GW-01/02 (IQUBE) fleet using Mender OTA platform in a few minutes. Open-source Mender server is freely available.
Possible image updates are:
  • single file
  • single directory
  • multiple directories
  • full root filesystem
Mender open-source server

Mender server

Our testing server is running here: https://mender.iqrf.org

Demo request

The embedded Linux image based on the Yocto project is optional for the device. It features same basic set of the software for the IQRF and IP connectivity as Armbian image, plus support for Mender OTA updates. The SD card is mounted as read-only which is also important attribute. The image can be extended based on the specific customer requirements.
Ask us for the demo with IQD-GW-01/02 devices at support@iqrf.org.

RPI boards

Try Linux Yocto image with your RPI boards.