v2.3.x (Q2/2020)

  • Adding lite DB to store network and devices information
  • Adding IQMESH service for network topology and standard devices discovery
  • Adding AutoNetwork service support
  • Adding IQMESH service for FRC together with metadata
  • Adding IQRF SPI uploader
  • Adding security to Websocket channel
  • Improving handling of JSON timestamps
  • Improving scheduler API for multitask
  • Improving IQMESH WriteTrConf service

v2.4.x (Q4/2020)

  • Adding component for handling values from standard devices
  • Adding buffer when IP connectivity is down
  • Adding IQMESH service for OTA and Backup/Restore
  • Adding full support of JS drivers from IQRF repository
  • Adding unit and API tests
  • Improving daemon logging


v2.0.x (Q2/2020)

  • Adding support for gateway daemon v2.x
  • Adding Websocket connection to the daemon
  • Adding Standard manager
  • Adding Hexio cloud platform wizard
  • Adding IQRF SPI uploader for IQD-GW-01
  • Adding support for scheduler multitask
  • Improving scheduler tasks setup
  • Improving TR configuration
  • Improving Network manager

v2.1.x (Q4/2020)

  • Adding Webapp REST API
  • Adding AutoNetwork service support
  • Adding Backup/Restore service support
  • Adding support for Network/ModemManager and VPN configuration
  • Adding hints for better orientation
  • Improving WebSocket handling
  • Improving gateway updater for IQRF packages
  • Improving docker image